Celtic Christmas Tea

On December 11th, we hosted a Celtic-Themed Tea to celebrate the holiday season. Guests were treated to two different savory plates and three different sweet treats alongside delicious and hearty Yorkshire Gold black tea:

1.) Glamorgan Pie– Welsh Glamorgan veggie sausages are a popular dish dating back to the 1800’s. We took liberties with the recipe and made a filling topped with cheesy mashed potatoes and served Sheperd’s Pie style. 

2.) Sausage and Brie Tarts– buttery crescent dough for the crust and mild sausage and brie for the filling

3.) Welsh Griddle Cakes– This recipe is going to take some practice to perfect but despite their imperfect shape they were a yummy chocolate chip and orange zest version with a berry drizzle and homemade whipped cream.

4.) Sticky Toffee Tiramisu– we made sticky toffee pudding cake, crumbled it and layered it with sweet thickened cream. Served in a little St. Brendan’s shot glasses. 

5.) Twelfth Night Cake Truffles– traditionally 12th night celebrations included a fruit cake with a coin or bean hidden inside and the lucky person who found it was deemed King or Queen for the night. We decided to hide a gold shamrock coin in one of the truffles and the guest who found it received an extra large gift bag full of goodies.

The tea was great fun for all!

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