St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Dinner

Guests were offered an Irish-Pub style supper with several courses paired with beer or sangria. Afterwards, the guests laughed their way through couples trivia with the winners receiving a hefty gift shop credit!

1st Course- Guinness Stew

Made with cabbage, onion, carrots, celery, and corned beef simmered all day in a broth of chicken stock, pickle juice, and a reduced mixture of an extra large bottle of Guiness and a few splashes of a bock beer. Guests raved about this stew! We served it with a few slices of buttered homemade brown Irish soda bread. Paired with Boulevard Irish Ale.

2nd Course: Fish and Chips

Made with wild-caught Alaskan cod and fried in a beer batter alongside long-cut fried Russet potato wedges. Served with lemon, tartar sauce and London Pub Malt Vinegar. Paired with German Pilsner, so good! 

3rd Course: Irish Tiramisu Shooters

We served two types of trifle in shot glasses for our dessert course. Both made with homemade Irish cream (eat your heart out Bailey’s!) and a vanilla matcha cream sauce. The first was a chocolate version with chocolate chip cookies and chocolate sauce layered in. The second was a raspberry version with layers of vanilla cookies and berries. Topped with green matcha powder. Served with local brewery Dubious Claim’s famous blueberry wheat beer. A fun way to end the meal! 


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