Mike and Monica Hunter: The New Inn Owners!

For Mike and Monica Hunter, becoming the innkeepers for the Inn on Crescent Lake is the culmination of a dream.

Both born and raised in Missouri, they share a passion for the state’s history and beauty. Their story began in junior high, where they started “going together,” as was the phrase back then. Their connection grew closer in high school and college, culminating in their marriage in 1989.

As their family grew with the addition of two sons, they moved into an old farmhouse located on acreage outside Cameron, Mo., where they not only raised their boys, but also a variety of animals while savoring the quality of life that comes from small-town living.

As their boys grew, the Hunters made a life-changing decision: to start a residential and vocational agency for special needs adults. The impetus behind the decision was the memory of Monica’s mother’s brother, who was born with special needs. Although his life was brief, his memory has made an impact on successive generations. They feel his spirit in each step of their journey.

Through a billboard the previous owners had purchased just north of downtown Kansas City, Mike discovered the Inn and first began to feel its tug, as he knew it was Monica’s lifelong dream to run a bed and breakfast. Although there was much to consider in undertaking such a big responsibility, the Hunters were heartened by signs that their decision was the right one. They are excited to take on the challenge of operating Missouri’s Most Romantic Getaway with the support of their extended family as well as their special needs family. And they are thrilled to know that their sweet granddaughter will be able to enjoy growing up in such magnificent surroundings!

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